The below map is a digitised map of Calcutta in 1858 from David Rumsey Historical Map Collection , world’s most famous and authentic ancient map collector.Calcutta University building,Sanskrit College and Premchandra’s house are marked in Red on the map for easy understanding.

Calcutta 1858



Premchandra house

Revised house design

Pandit Premchandra used to reside in a spacious two storeyed house with his brothers , wife and children at no. 6 Okil Mistry Lane. This corner house was situated on the south of the Mirzafour Public Tank, which is now known as Shraddha Nanda Park. He used to pay Rs.24/- per month as rent for this house. He walked the distance from his house to the Sanskrit College in five to seven minutes.

Excerpts of Book - Life & Slokas of Premchandra Tarkabagish