A chronological timeline of events depicting history of Pandit Premchandra Tarkabagish Foundation and its activities is given below.

book release on ‘pandit premchandra tarkabagisher jiboncharita’

  1. Formal release of book on ‘Pandit Premchandra Tarkabagisher Jiboncharita o kobitaboli’ in association with Department of Sanskrit University of Calcutta at Darbhanga Hall, Calcutta University on 12th April, 2015, Pandit’s 210th Birth Anniversary.
  2. Pandit Premchandra Tarkabagish Foundation was formally registered Public Trust on 15th September 2015.


Sixth edition of book “Life & Slokas of Premchandra Tarkabagish” was published and distributed to friends & families.

 Shri Anantanath Chatterjee expressed his desire to republish sixth edition of the book ” Life & Slokas of Premchandra Tarkabagish” and donate books collected over 100 years by late Srikrishna Chatterjee to Libraries.