Writing & Works

  1. During those days , Kalidasa's Raghuvamsa edited by Mallinath, was not available in Bengal/Eastern India. At the request of H.H.Wilson , Premchandra edited Raghuvamsa in Sanskrit and published his first book in 1832. This was his first attempt in writing & editing of mahakavyas.
  2. Then he wrote commentaries in Sanskrit for the book 'Purva Naishadha' or 'Naisadha Charitam'. This book was printed and published by Asiatic Society of Bengal in 1836. Later in 1854, he printed and published 'Purva Naishadha' with his own expense. Later the third edition of the book was published by his middle son Prankrishna Chattopadhyay.
  3. Premchandra's third work was commentaries in Sanskrit on Kapatavipatika style of the mahakavya 'Raghava Pandaviyam' written by Mahakavi Sri Kaviraja Pandit. In 1854 , he reprinted and circulated the book as it was adopted in the curriculum of Sanskrit College. Later his younger brother Sriram's eldest son Sri Bhavadeb Chattopadhyay published the second edition of the book in 1885.
  4. In those days, only seven chapters of Mahakavi Kalidasa's book 'Kumara Sambhavam' were available in Bengal. At the initiative of Captain Marshal and Iswar Chandra Vidyasagar , remaining chapters were brought from the western region. Premchnadra printed & published the eighth chapter of 'Kumara Sambhavam' in 1862.
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  6. Later Premchandra wrote commentaries of Khanda Kavyas - Chatupuspanjali in 1859. Chatupushpanjali was written on Sri Radha Stotram.
  7. He also printed & published the khanda kavya 'Mukundamuktavali' on Sri Krishna stotram in 1859.
  8. He wrote 'Saptasatisar a book on Devi Mahatmya in 1858. In the preface of the book, Premchandra wrote that these stotras were recited by a pandit who came from land of five rivers. Bhagwan Sankaracharya had gained immense courage and resolve on reading these Devi Stotras. Hence, he edited these slokas for the benefit of all.
  9. Premchandra was among the firsts to come out with printing of famous Sanskrit Dramas in whole of eastern India. He printed and published Kalidasa's 'Abhigyanam Shakuntala' in Bengali script in 1839. Again in 1860, he republished 'Abhigyanam Shakuntala' with short commentaries.
  10. Then came one of the best works of his life. He translated in Sanskrit famous drama 'Anargha Raghavan' written by author Murari Mishra and published the book in 1860. This play is on the life and exploits of King Rama with copious notes.
  11. A year later in 1861, Premchandra arranged to bring southern and northern versions of 'Uttararamcharita' from Andhra Pradesh and Varanasi. Uttarramcharita was authored by legendary poet Bhavabhuti. Premchandra amalgamated both versions and printed the corrected version with commentaries in Sanskrit. Subsequently the second edition was published in 1864.
  12. Then Prenchnadra devoted his time in reinventing the almost forgotten book 'Kavyadarsha' on Rhetoric by Mahakavi Acharya Dandi. In 1863, Premchandra at the request of Professor E B Cowell , printed and published Sanskrit commentaries of Kavyadarsha. This went on to become the best literary work of Premchandra. Kavyadarsha was reprinted many times over after his death by his relatives/descandants.
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  14. In 1836, Premchandra printed and published famous Sanskrit poem - Naishadha Charita, depicting adventures of Nala Raja of Naisadha.This book was published by Baptist Mission Press of Calcutta and the original book is kept in Princeton University Library in the USA.
  15. Susruta Samhita was edited by Premchandra as Sanskrit commentary of the book Susruta a treatise on the Ayurvedic treatment recommended by Dhanwantari, the renowned Ayurvedic doctor of ancient India.
  16. A collection of impromptu verses of poems authored by Premchandra , were compiled by Jnanachandra Choudhury in 1900.This book of poems was known as 'Samasya Kalpalata'.
  17. Premchandra was engaged in writing a Mahakavya in the name of 'Purushottam Rajabali'. In this book he wrote on Ujjaini Raj Vikramaditya and Salivahana. He could write upto four chapters before his demise. This could have been a Mahakavya, had he completed the entire book.
  18. He also could not complete a book on Sanskrit/Bengali grammar dictionary named 'Nanartha Sangraha'.
  19. An unnamed new book on 'Rhetoric' written by Premchandra also could not see the light of the day. This book could have been an example of best rhetoric application in writing Sanskrit prose and poetry.